Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The dumb jock

Do you ever feel sorry for stupid people? I do.

In the past two days I've wondered why on earth Kris Humphries ever decided to go through with his marriage to Kim Kardashian in the first place. I've come to the conclusion that it's because he thought that she was pretty and he liked having sex with her. He's 26 years old and a basketball player, what more could you expect? Ignorance is bliss.

Although I think he's stupid for obvious reasons, I also think that he's a really nice guy and it saddens me that he devoted his life to someone that didn't appreciate his good heart and kind soul.

During the E! wedding special it was a huge deal to him that Kim didn't want to legally change her last name to Humphries when they got married. As a traditional man from the Midwest, this meant a lot to him. In the end, Kim chose to keep her maiden name. Although he was greatly disappointed by this, he knew that he still loved Kim. Because he loved her so much and knew how much it meant to her to keep her name, he had custom diamond bracelet made for her to wear on their wedding day. The bracelet had two diamond K's dangling from it. This was his way of showing her that he loved her and wanted her to be happy and if that meant keeping her maiden name, he was all for it. When I saw that he gifted that bracelet to her on her wedding day, I was touched. This was a great guy I thought. Not because he gave her a diamond bracelet but because of the sentimental meaning behind the gift. I was more than appalled to see the reaction of Kim and her female family members. They ogled at the diamond bracelet because of the diamonds. I'm confident in saying that based on their reaction, none of them even took into consideration what the gift signified. People like that are so deplorable and their priorities in life are so backwards.

Think of all the girls out there that would have loved to marry Kris Humphries and been so appreciative of such a meaningful gift. Yet, he decided to waste all his love and kindness on Kim, one of the most undeserving girls out there.

The other moment that really struck me in the E! wedding special was when the couple exchanged vows. Kris wrote the most heartfelt vows. I don't remember verbatim what was said but it was something along the lines that he knew how much her family meant to her, how impressed by the person that she was, etc. Basically he said a lot of meaningful, sweet things. When it was her turn, I was embarrassed for her. She sounded like an uneducated schoolgirl trying to express her non existent emotions. Again, I don't remember what was said word for word but she basically stated that she loved him and that she thought he was cool.

Kim deserves someone as shallow as she is, if she should be so lucky. I think she'll end up growing old and alone like Paris Hilton.


  1. Well the K K diamond bracelet that he gifted her before she walked down the aisle, was for KRIS AND KIM. Not her 1st & last name. But, all in all, they really didn't match from the beginning, but as much as she is greedy, he could really say some mean things as well. He really needed to think more before he spoke. On their Bora Bora vacation, he should have noticed then, they were 2 different people. He spoke of how could someone wear diamond earrings and take the chance of a loss, etc. etc. Well I agreed with him, but why didn't he realize then. He was in it for the $$'s as well, IMO.

  2. I agree with everything said... I was a fan of Kim because my daughter loved her so much... However, after she threw Kris, her husband, under the bus, I have lost all respect for her and her family. I can not stand a selfish piece of *hit. Kris Humphries did not deserve what that whole Kardashian family did to him and his family... By the way, my daughter thinks Kris is fine and so do I....

  3. Just to answer the "mean things" Kris said to Kim; he had to bring her back down to reality.. She kept going on like she was this and all of that.... Just like he said, "you were working in a dress shop selling clothes just four years ago...So don't act like your better than everyone else...*itcha, please!!